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FARMS Moldova Greenhouse Project Update

We recently received the tremendous news that a container filled with 18 donated greenhouses and 675 “Flip and Grow” pots had almost finished their trip to Moldova from Luurtsema Sales, Inc. in Jenison, Michigan!
These durable greenhouse frames will be distributed among Christian families that are part of the FARMS Moldova program. The green house is not only a gift, but an integral part of each project loan package. To make it a functioning project, plastic will be purchased out of the loan as well as the other items needed to make them successful projects. Without a doubt, these greenhouses will be a “dream come true” for many families. Their cost would certainly be out of reach for most families.
The “Flip and Grow” three-gallon pots will become part of every greenhouse project, increasing their growing capacity. They will also go to other families to use around their homes and in their gardens. The pots require no weeding, can be reused and crops are ready weeks earlier than norma…