Cuban Electrical Repair

The Rondo Family

This is Mr. Rondo and his wife who live near Camaguey, Cuba. Although Mr. Rondo was trained as an electrician and as an appliance repairman, he could not find work because he had no tools or a place to work. It took just a small loan of $100 to enable him to buy some tools and to build a small shop behind his home.

Mr. Rondo's shop

When I asked him what the loan meant to him, his wife Helen and their two year daughter Angela, this was his answer. “The loan has been a prayer answered by God as a way to support my family. With my loan I started repairing small appliances in 2015 and because the business grew, I was able to employ my own father who had no job!”

A flasher that Mr Rondo was working on

One part of the business that has really grown, is the repair and manufacture of “flashers.” These are like a blinking tail light and by law all vehicles need to have them to operate on the roads at night. There is enough demand for this that Mr. Rondo's father helps him with this part of the business. Mr. Rondo also has expanded his business to do home wiring and trouble shooting. He is now, so busy that he says he will have to hire more help in the future. He said, “The Lord has enabled me to provide for my family as well as giving my father work. I have been able to pay back my loan in one year while tithing to my church. I am thanking God that FARMS International has a program such as this to help church members such as me start their own businesses.”

Bill Wingenroth


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