Haiti Update Winter 2016-2017

Haiti a land of trials, disasters, sorrows, hardships, droughts and mudslides due to deforestation, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, corruption, and despair! A place easy to give up on, right? However, we can’t give up. Why? Because God has not given up on Haiti, so we won’t either! As, “… one member suffers, all the members suffer with it.” 1 Corinthians 12:26

FARMS International has worked in Haiti for many years. In contrast to the approach of many “helping” in Haiti, we provide a way out of poverty, that builds real hope, without creating dependency. It is hard, there are always setbacks and disappointments, but we have seen real success. Yes, Haiti can help itself. Believers have learned the joy of giving and giving generously. Therefore, they have seen God’s blessing upon the work of their hands. They appreciate the self-help approach of FARMS. Pray for the believers in Haiti, they have the message of hope that Haiti needs.

Here are a few recent pictures from FARMS projects in Haiti:

Mrs.Vernio Breus sells thread,
passion fruit, coffee and baskets
Delomene Cheriza raises pigs
and sells passion fruit 

Mrs. Gener Nesidor sells baskets,
garlic and pineapple
Handicraft project 

Haitian children in the community where FARMS is working
Produce vendors showing off their wares

Special Update by Jeff Boshart (Vice President of FARMS International)

Thanks to a recent gift from FARMS International, the local FARMS committee on the Central Plateau has added 13 new participants. Their businesses range from animal raising (pigs and goats) to basket making and small retail stores selling gas, cooking oil, food staples, fruits and vegetables. Long time FARMS volunteer, Claude Souffrance, reports that churches continue to see increased tithing and that some of these small loans literally mean the difference between life and death, especially for widows who have no other reliable source of income.

The FARMS program in Haiti's Central Plateau has faced major challenges in recent years, but God has been faithful to the efforts of the local committee to keep things moving forward. Hurricane Matthew did not make a direct hit on this part of Haiti, but its impact was felt. Farms all over the country, even hundreds of miles away from the western arms of the country that saw Matthew's full fury, experienced crop and animal losses due to heavy rains on exposed mountainside farm fields. In 2015 the country had major crop losses due to drought, and hunger continues to be a daily reality for many families.


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