Cuba 2017 Update

God is doing wonderful things in Cuba through the ministry of FARMS International. Our next few posts will share a few of the stories that Bill Wingenroth brought back from his March 2017 trip to Cuba.
Bill Wingenroth and FARMS Committee President Michel
Bill has been traveling to Cuba for almost 12 years with Provisions Bible Ministries, which trains church workers for the ministry through teaching seminars. He is also on our board of trustees and was instrumental in inviting us to consider working in Cuba. We are so thankful for his hard work and determination to see the gospel spread in this needy land. FARMS International began working in Cuba in 2012. What we have seen, even though there is a new freedom to create businesses and enlarge agricultural endeavors, there is no capital available for the average Cuban. If you are a resident of Cuba, your most likely source of capital to help start a business would be from a generous relative living in the USA. Otherwise, you are on your own! This is why FARMS is seen as a Godsend by those we work with.

Joe Richter


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