FARMs Loan Reciepients in Thailand Pt. 1

In this post we will highlight two participants of the a FARMS program in Thailand.

Sing and Chantida

Sing and Chantida have two boys and one girl. This is the first time that they have used the FARMS loan program and they have agreed to pay the money back in a years’ time. Their loan was for 60,000 Baht or about $1,715. With their loan they are funding their coffee production, linchee fruit trees, and their yearly rice planting. They needed the loan to plant more trees, to buy adequate fertilizers and other items needed to increase their harvest. The main reason for the expansion of their farm is to provide for their children’s college education. All three of their children are near college age. Normally, higher education is only a dream for tribal families. However, we see this dream come true for project holder’s children over, and over again. Your help makes this possible.

Su Yuan and Nan Ti Gan

Su Yuan and Nan Ti Gan have two young girls, 9 and 12 years old. They have been living in their parents home since they were married. They have a dream to build their own home. This is actually
their third loan from the FARMS committee. This loan is for $2,856, which is quite large, but because of their faithful repayment and work ethic, the committee approved their loan. With their profit from previous projects they have been able to purchase a pickup truck. This time around they are continuing to expand their coffee farm. They are also using some of the funds for their yearly rice planting.


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