FARMs Loan Reciepients in Thailand Pt. 2

Suntalee and Kitti Safon

Suntalee (holding her four year old boy who was born deaf) has been a Christian for some time. Her husband came to know the Lord about seven years ago. They applied for their first loan with FARMS to improve their coffee crop. Their loan was for $430. It is their hope, that they will earn enough from their project to send their little son to a school that teaches sign language. The mother is required to attend and the father is encouraged to attend also. The school is in a large city three hours away. Pray for this young family and for their little boy. Pray that God will bless the work of their hands and give them the desires of their hearts.

Ying and Jiawseng Farm

Ying and his wife Jiawseng have had several loans from FARMS. Their present loan is for $1,715. They are using the loan to improve their coffee yield with fertilizer application and irrigation. They also will use part of their loan for their yearly rice crop. This family has been extremely faithful with their loans. When asked how the FARMS project had helped them in their daily lives, they said, “It totally changed our life.” They added, “Before we had nothing and were never able to get ahead. Now we have two trucks and we have been able to fix up our house. We also have been able to help with our children’s education.” I am sure they would love to thank all the supporters of FARMS for the blessing it has brought to their family.


  1. Their loan was for $430. It is their hope, that they will earn enough from their project to send their little son to a school that teaches sign language.

  2. I hope and pray for the reason they have taken the loan may come fulfill and their son studies and read at a well known school where he is taught with the best sign language,Keep going on with your hardwork some day soon you will achieve what you have dream of.

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