Cuban Carpentry

Tourism is booming in Cuba. Now with regular flights from the USA, anyone can travel to this island nation. The demand for souvenirs “Made in Cuba” is a surprise blessing to one our projects! Pastor Narlisus, is a skilled carpenter, and the FARMS Cuba committee helped him with a $3,500 loan for tools and for improvements to his carpentry shop. Because of the demand for his work in building furniture and other itemshe was able to hire three other full time workers and plans to hire two more in the coming months!

Pastor Narlisus and his family
Hurricane Mathew hit the east end of Cuba, where his church and home is located, but even though he suffered a lot of damage, he has pressed on. The tithes of his employees have greatly blessed the church, enabling them rebuild their damaged church and even expand it. He also shared with me, that the project has greatly increased their family income enabling him to buy his wife Eny, a “much needed” wash machine.

A Cuban "Magic" Box
When approached by a buyer about making souvenirs for the influx of tourists, Pastor Narlisus chose to make jewelry boxes with a “secret” way to open. These beautiful wood boxes were a tremendous success. In the past two months he was able to make and sell 1000 boxes at $1.00 each with a demand for many more. To put this in perspective, the average wage in Cuba is less than $30 a month! Though they have serious problems getting supplies for the business they push on. Through all these setbacks they have praised God for the loan and continue to make their loan payments back to the loan committee. They told me that the loan from FARMS International program is the reason they have been successful.

Bill Wingenroth


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