FARMS in the Philippines - 2016 Update

Here are some updates from our Pangasinan-Philippines projects. These images were provided by our committee as part of the reports they submit to FARMS.

The Pangasinan-Philippines volunteer committee is doing a great job administering the FARMS program. Pictured here is the committee and several project holders at their monthly meeting. During these meetings they pray and encourage each other. They also make payments on their loans or receive new loans. Following the meeting, they visit ongoing projects. These meetings have been a real blessing to the program and the project holders. In addition, the committee meets once a month to consider new project proposals.

Pictured here is Marivic Estabillio, the secretary-treasurer of FARMS Pangasinan with Marites Largo at her bakery. She has paid back her original loan of $425 and was given a second loan of $640.

Besides her bakery, Marites has a small store that FARMS has helped her with. She has been very faithful with FARMS and very thankful.
This is Mr. and Mrs. Edmundo Bachar and their children.
Edmundo is pictured here with the rice field he planted with help from a FARMS loan.

This is how Edmundo dries his rice in the sun after harvesting it.

This is Edmundo with part of his rice harvest. He faithfully paid back his first loan of $425 and the committee gave him a second loan of $640. He has been very successful with his projects. FARMS interest free loans significantly increased his profit and therefore his tithing to their local church.

Are you interested in helping FARMS start more programs to help people just like Marites and Edmundo? FARMS relies 100% on donations and we could use your help. Please visit to learn more or make a tax deductible donation.


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