Tamara's Story

Tamera in her home village
Tamara began her life in a small village in southern Moldova. Sadly, like many children there, abuse and neglect destroyed her youth and self-worth. She shared her story with my wife Pat and I while in Moldova last Spring. "My life growing up was very sad. I felt more like an orphan than part of a family. I felt like rubbish! Worthless! I felt like there was no reason to live, I might as well die. My life was aimless. Then one day a girl shared with me a verse from the Bible. She read John 3:16 like this. So God so loved Tamara that he gave his only son that Tamara should not die, but have eternal life. For me to hear that God loved me, was such a surprise, so amazing. Love was something I knew little about. I knew nothing about God, or how to pray or even how to act. Then some time later a friend of mine gave me a Bible and by reading God’s word, I became a Christian in 1996. Because of this, my parents kicked me out of my home, but thankfully a Christian family with eight other children took me in. They taught me so much. I was so thankful to God for my salvation I was determined to give my whole life to God and to share this great love of God with others.”

Tamara eventually went for training with Operation Mobilization in the capital city of Chisinau. After several years, she felt a call back to her own home village! She was hoping that God would call her as a missionary to Africa or India, but God had a different plan. It was difficult, but little by little people responded to the Gospel, even some in her family and eventually a small church was started! They now have outreaches to six other villages.
Tamera comforting some abused children
Tamara has a vision to build a children's shelter for abused and neglected children. Although she raised money for that project, but the start was a couple years off. She prayed and felt that God was telling her to put the money to use in a project that could make money. Which led her to decide to do a greenhouse. Tamara was able to erect the metal framing, but still needed funds for the plastic. She heard about loan money available through FARMS and was able to get a $1,000 loan to finish the project. To her amazement, she made a good profit the first year, and by the second year had recovered all of the original funds. Tamara shared, “God taught me many things through this greenhouse. I am so impressed with what God has done. I learned that when we give to God, He knows what to give to you. He will do His best for us.  He also taught me how to work and how to farm a greenhouse profitably.” Tamara expressed how the greenhouse has given her many opportunities to share with others about God’s love; “People ask me, ‘Why are you different? Why do you give your profit to help the elderly and youth and not keep it for your self?’ It is a great witnessing tool.”

Tamara has a vision for more greenhouses and for a poultry project. She is now part of the FARMS committee. Her desire is to see churches in Moldova practicing local self support, instead of looking outside the country for support. Pray for Tamara.

Joe Richter
FARMS Executive Director


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